Location Based Advertising Trends That Simply Cannot Be Ignored



When location-based advertising first hit the mainstream a few years ago, mobile marketing companies approached it in a simplistic way:

Gather location data, compare it against customers’ need for immediacy and push a broad-spectrum of advertising and marketing information that satisfied the two conditions.

Over time, that mindset has evolved given the maturity inherited by location intelligence. Two clear trends have become visible and they are described below.

Consolidation Within The Industry

It is in the nature of every new industry or sector to expand rapidly as more of its facets are discovered before it begins consolidation. Location-based marketing is no exception and all indications point to it being in the last leg of expansive growth.

Experts believe that in the coming years, location intelligence too will go through mergers and acquisitions. It would arrive at a point where there are but a few major players offering location based marketing data with the rest of them being power users.

Client Privacy and Transparency

As users become more aware of their online data rights, businesses and apps employing location intelligence too will need to consider customer privacy seriously if they are thinking long-term success.

There is already a growing demand from users to know exactly what kind of data is being collected of their internet browsing tendencies by marketing and advertising agencies. And the cry for more transparency from the user community is only going to grow in the years to come.

Thus, the trend from ‘cookies to consent’ is going to become a mainstay where instead of declaring to users that data on them is being gathered, seeking permission to share that data with other brands and businesses would become the acceptable norm in future.

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