Geo Fencing

Be it security, tracking or research, businesses or services that deal with it will always need to define boundaries. In such cases, your software platform would require geo-fencing integration with features that raise alerts when boundaries are breached.

The Concept

The entire working of geo-fencing revolves around a virtually demarcated boundary or a ‘fence’ that you as a marketer sets. Thus you can whitelist or blacklist all users who fall within this fence when applying a marketing strategy.

Like geo-targeting, geo-fencing too serves to target a given zone except for the fact that it is a lot more precise with the location area but blunt in terms of who you target within the fence. For instance, you can create a fence for a city block and anyone who enters that block shall receive your product promotion.

How Does Geo-fencing work?

Geo-fencing mainly utilizes GPS to cordon off an area by creating a virtual fence. Every time a device moves into or out of the designated area, it will trigger an event on the server which will lead to the device in question to receive a text or notification (depending on the channel chosen by the user).

A simple example of geo-fencing could be an apparel store notification on an individual’s smartphone when he/she passes by the store. That way, the store can increase its visibility and therefore its footfall.

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