Geolocation Marketing

Great online marketing content gets you leads. Add to that the power of geolocation marketing methods and you can significantly increase the chances of converting those leads into actual customers that will pay your bills.

Geolocation Data – A Crash Course

In broad strokes, geolocation marketing deals with data which in turn reveal a user’s physical location. The easiest way to imagine this data would be that blue pointer on your map app that points to a specific location. This is nothing more than GPS coordinates of the location.

But what if the GPS setting on the phone or laptop is turned off? In that case, the location data can be retrieved through a process called cell-tower triangulation. Similarly, the IP address ( if your device is connected to the internet) can also serve as location data.

How Can I Use This Data For Geolocation Marketing?

Once you have obtained the pertinent geolocation data, there are few different ways you can target your user base. The scope and usage will depend on the type of location data gathered.

  • Geo-targeting: This method utilizes a visitor’s IP address, a facet that has been used for geolocation long before mobile technology came into existence. However, IP addresses best serve geolocation marketing strategies that serve a broader region like an entire city or state for that matter.
  • Geo-Fencing: Made possible by mobile technology, this form of location targeting employs GPS data, which is a lot more precise than IP address and given its dynamic nature, it is more effective when targeting a street or neighborhood level location.   
  • Beacons: Even more precise, a beacon refers to an object that is capable of receiving location data via Bluetooth. As a result, beacons are best for areas with poor cell reception or an interior setting like that of a shopping mall. They provide the exact movement data of a shopper as he/she moves from one shop to another.

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