Location Based Advertising

Recommending meat to a vegan or vice versa is no brainer. So why should it be any different with mobile or online advertising? If your advertisements don’t reach the right audience, then you are quite simply wasting your time and money on your campaigns.

What Is Location-based Advertising (LBA)?

Often used interchangeably with location-based marketing (LBM), the term refers to augmenting traditional mobile advertising with the knowledge of a customer’s geolocation data. In other words, you initiate marketing or advertisement correspondence with customers that are tailored to their actual location by employing LBA.

How Is LBA Employed?

While there exist different strategies that follow a common LBA theme, all of them can be broadly categorized into two groups.

Active or assertive LBA encompasses all types of geo-targeted marketing or correspondence that offer the same information to all clients falling into a target zone.

For example, a restaurant delivery, once made to a customer may repeatedly send out correspondence text or emails irrespective of that person’s presence in the location in future.

Whereas passive LBA is a more evolved approach that takes into account the potential customer’s needs and accordingly chooses the type of advertisement or marketing strategy for him/her.

An example of this would be an app that keeps track of customers’ purchases and asks them if they would like information on nearby stores selling similar products.

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