Our Expertise

At GeoSpatial Today, we don’t just offer the latest information on geolocation applications and innovations, we actually teach you how to apply these methods to:

  • Get better Leads to Customer Conversion ratio
  • Attain meaningful geolocation data
  • Run the most efficient location-based advertising campaigns
  • Create modules that integrate geo-fencing capabilities with your existing software platforms
  • Be in sync with the latest trends in geolocation marketing


Geolocation Marketing

Great online marketing content gets you leads. Add to that the power of geolocation marketing methods and you can significantly increase the chances of converting those leads into actual customers that will pay your bills.

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Location Based Advertising

Recommending meat to a vegan or vice versa is no brainer. So why should it be any different with mobile or online advertising? If your advertisements don’t reach the right audience, then you are quite simply wasting your time and money on your campaigns.

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Geo Fencing

Be it security, tracking or research, businesses or services that deal with it will always need to define boundaries. In such cases, your software platform would require geo-fencing integration with features that raise alerts when boundaries are breached.

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